About me

I’m Katherine and blogging about various topics about Joomla,  how to install, hints and of course security.

My name is Katherine Funke. All my life I’ve loved the theatrical side of life, and that includes all the gorgeous textures and colours of clothing and fabrics. As a little girl, I drew pictures of outfits for my dolls, then later, when I learnt to sew, designed my own clothes for them. My mother was a seamstress, so I always had her offcuts. Whenever high school dance time came around, I was so happy! Then the offcuts were rich and wonderful – sequins, beads, lame; satins, velvets, brocades … heaven for a little girl with a dream. You get the picture.
As an adult, I still love the display of dressing well. I love to look good…sometimes I think I’m a little vain. My nickname is ‘the Me Kat’, because I hate missing out on fun stuff. ‘Me too!’ is my cry.

Anyway, that’s history. Now for current events. After studying fashion design, I worked in a clothing factory studying bulk manufacture, then for a small studio with an exclusive boutique outlet. But I’ve been aching to work on clothes reflecting my own vision. That is why I’m starting my own business. I thought about ‘Funky Kat’, but eventually, since people already use it, decided that ‘The Me Kat’ is its name. My business has two facets – a line of limited edition accessories, like silk scarves in gorgeous colours and patterns, and then bespoke designs for clients. So far, it’s growing nicely, through word of mouth, but it’s time to move out into cyber-space. This meant establishing an online presence.

I thought about hiring a web-designer, but then my friend Petra told me about Joomla! When she saw my puzzled look, she laughed, sat me down and explained all about CMS – that is, content management services, for use novices. She flipped open her laptop and took me through Joomla!’s introductory tutorial…it made it all seem so simple. I was hooked.

Thus began my Joomla! journey. That evening, I sat down with a glass of Riesling and tentatively began crafting my own website. Joomla! is magic! It’s a basic package. Anyone (even a right-brain creative like me) can produce a perfectly competent website. My first attempt was simple, but elegant. Now I’m exploring Joomla!’s extras, like their extensions…but even the basic (free!) package is a marvel. I add and remove items, categories and articles. I advertise forthcoming events. I view site traffic, to see what’s working for me. And the proof is the custom coming my way from this site. Joomla!, I love you.