Why Penetration Testing helps security

In my last post I wrote about how to install Joomla. Now you can read, how you can secure your web site very professionally.

Securing your web site is very important. One very good way to do is to test the security via penetration testing via e.g. www.itexperst.at.

But what are penetration testing and what is it really for?

Penetration testing has many advantages for companies

In today’s world, IT security and business success are very closely linked. Even if entrepreneurs very often have various reasons to think themselves to be secure, unfortunately the reality is different! IT systems are exposed to many dangers every day in all sectors, and very often it is easy for cybercriminals to get what they want. To minimize these dangers as much as possible, companies can carry out so-called penetration tests. Penetration testing is the verification of IT systems, complete networks, onlineshops, websites, etc., with regard to their security against external attacks. The tests carried out by qualified and certified experts are, in principle, very realistic attacks, which are executed in a controlled way on IT systems. The goal is to uncover vulnerabilities and to log them in order to later eliminate them.

The advantages at a glance

Tailor-made tests

Since penetration tests can always be adapted very precisely to the given conditions, they always bring different procedures with them individually. This is an important factor and therefore a decisive advantage for the effective implementation and the maintenance of a comprehensive result. Tailor-made on-site and external testing for any organization will ensure the highest level of security.

Protection against system failure

Even a single targeted internal or external attack can lead to a complete system failure. Penetration tests can have different attack scenarios, which are very realistic and thus reveal possible weak points as well as provide solutions.

Protection against external attacks

Security vulnerabilities in applications, systems, or networks can cause external attackers to breach them. A major challenge for most IT security teams today are attacks on application levels. Simulated test procedures show how and how quickly these attacks can be detected and eliminated. With the knowledge gained, existing measures can be used in a real emergency case, thus minimizing the consequences of the attack.

Protection from Insider threats

Often the danger is overlooked from the inside and completely underestimated. A malicious software is infected via a data carrier or a file and spreads within the own system. Employees that have no limited rights, etc. Penetration tests can also point out weaknesses and protect IT systems from such dangers.

Data and business/trade secrets are protected

Through a successful hacking attack there is immediately the eminent danger that important data is stolen and abused or even destroyed. Cyberspionage nowadays is a lucrative business for criminals. A penetration test finds open back doors and brings the weaknesses of the existing data security to light.

Security requirement is established

The attack methods of the hackers are constantly adapting. It is important to determine the status quo of your company with regard to IT activities by means of a penetration test in order to identify the actual security requirements.

Your IT security is always up-to-date

Once the security requirement is determined by the results of the penetration test, the IT security can regularly be updated and thus the defense mechanisms are always up-to-date.

Cost savings

Every entrepreneur can begin to guess what a complete system failure or data loss will cost him due to a successful attack. Not just his nerves! The incapacity to work, leads to a temporary loss of business and a not to be disregarded business loss. Penetration testing can therefore protect you against financial damage.

Thoroughly tested IT

IT systems, applications and software are installed in many companies once, rarely checked and updated only from time to time and as a rule never subjected to a thorough security check. An IT penetration test also checks this.

Protection of customers

Entrepreneurs have a responsibility towards their customers. Planted malicious software can spread very quickly. But also malicious software can hide in onlineshops and websites, which are visited by customers and prospective customers. How well your customers are protected when you contact them, the result of a penetration test will show.

Protection of the company

Penetration testing is essential to protect your own values and those of your employees, as well as those of your customers. These tests are an important part of your company’s success and reputation. Customer trust and good business are the basis for successful work today. The competitive advantage is obvious.
Regular penetration tests are an important tool for IT security in large and small enterprises with regard to the generally growing security need.

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  1. these tests need to be carried out constantly. this greatly improves the work and improves the functionality

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